818 Reposado Tequila, elegantly showcased in a 700ml bottle, represents the perfect intersection of raw agave vitality and the subtle influences of oak barrel aging. This Reposado, which means 'rested', enjoys a sojourn in oak that imparts a delicate balance of woodsy notes to the vibrant, earthy tones of the agave heart.

Golden in hue, this tequila offers an enticing nose filled with hints of honey, citrus, and a touch of vanilla, all underlined by the distinct aroma of cooked agave. On the palate, 818 Reposado unfolds layers of caramel, light spices, and a wisp of smoke, delivering a velvety texture that caresses the senses. The finish is both smooth and refreshing, with a lingering warmth that beckons for another sip.

More than just a beverage, 818 Reposado Tequila is a celebration of meticulous craftsmanship, a tribute to the heritage of tequila-making, and a delightful experience waiting to be uncorked and savored.

818 Reposado Tequila

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