Introducing After V Gin, a spirit that beckons with its robust character and intricate tapestry of flavors. This gin, triple-distilled to perfection, tantalizes the senses with its earthy and smoky botanicals, offering a drinking experience that is both rich and effortlessly smooth. Crafted to remind you that somewhere, it's always time to unwind, After V lives up to the adage, "It's after five somewhere."

At its heart, After V is not just a gin—it's a journey through a garden of hand-selected botanicals. While its base is derived from grape spirit, its soul is in the vapor-infused aromas of its 12 unique botanicals. The dominant juniper essence commands attention, setting the stage for a complex, lingering finish. Yet, what truly sets After V apart is the addition of wattleseed, a unique botanical that infuses the gin with a touch of the unexpected.

Every sip of After V Gin is an exploration, a dance of flavors that invites both the novice and the connoisseur to discover the nuances of its composition. Whether enjoyed neat, with tonic, or as the star of a crafted cocktail, After V promises a rendezvous with excellence and innovation in every drop.

After V Gin 700ml

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