In a harmonious fusion of music and mixology, the Patient Wolf Sir Andrew Davis Negroni is a testament to the art of collaboration. Curated in partnership with the esteemed Sir Andrew Davis, Conductor Laureate of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, this all-Australian Negroni strikes a flawless chord between bitter, sweet, and rich notes. Eschewing the conventional equal parts formula of gin, vermouth, and Campari, this masterpiece was meticulously blended to capture the refined palate of Sir Andrew himself. Packaged in a 500ml bottle with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 29.5%, this Negroni is not only an epitome of balance but also a celebration of Australian craftsmanship. Its full-bodied flavor and rich profile make it an instant classic. To savor its brilliance, simply pour it over ice, adorn with an orange twist, and let the symphony of flavors serenade you as you unwind to your cherished tunes.

Patient Wolf Sir Andrew Davis Negroni 500ml

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